Prosperity Bundle

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Our Prosperity Bundle seeks to invoke memories of Chinese New Year, from sharing segments of Mandarin Oranges with friends and family to pigging out on Mandarin Oranges which later lead to extremely long toilet breaks.

The pastel like gold of the Honey mask greets you prosperously but reminds you of a floral like sweetness and lightness, a Yang to the passion invoking Yin-like red wrapper. And the Forest mask while on the surface appears to motivate you to acquire the greenback, its dark green hues hints at a certain calmness and serenity, beckoning one to take an occasional pause and breath in a lung full of fresh air.

One set consists of:

1 x Mandarin KF94 Bundle (10 x Honey KF94 & 10 x Forest KF94)

1 x Mixed Nuts

1 x Thumbs Brand Peanut

1 x CommonMask Playing Cards

1 x Big Small Lou Board

4 x Golden Dices

1 x CommonMask 6-pc Angpau Packet

3 x Chinese Tea


Prosperity Bundle

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